Do Electric Cars Lose Charge When Park?

Many of my friends asking me, electric vehicles lose charge when parking?.yes, electric vehicles are discharged a little bit of battery when electric cars mainly many types of electric systems are automatic. this system like a clock, GPS system, Engine Control Unit, or many others. Many times it happens …

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Disadvantages Of Lithium-ion Batteries?

Lithium-Ion Battery Disadvantages Today we will tell you about the disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries and And how can avoid Protection This lithium-ion battery requires a lot of protection and it is impossible to use it without protection. Battery Management System is used in this battery as protection. If this circuit …

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Why It Important To Take Care Of An Ev?


yes, electric vehicles (EV) need maintenance. basically, EV’s are in very high demand in the market in this reason very important to how to maintain electric vehicles. there are many types of tasks do the maintenance of the electric this article, I will help you to how to maintain …

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