How air conditioner works in electric car?

Whenever talking about electric cars, it is always in the discussion, I will tell you how the air conditioner works in an electric car. Technology always keeps changing and the way of working remains in the same way as has happened with an electric vehicle, the way of working of an air conditioner is in the new but the technology has changed. An air conditioner is a cooling system that cools down the heat inside the car.

Its main source is compressors, it is fitted with most of the engines there. With the help of the pulley, a different type of compressor is used in electric vehicles due to the lack of an engine.

The compressors used in this are called e-compressors, in simple language, which means the device is powered by electricity. Compressors are paired with a pulley in an engine car. With the help of which the pulley rotates it and it works, unlike the engine in the electric car, the motor in this compressor rotates it with which it works.

Just as a refrigerator works, the motor in it rotates with the help of electricity, so this compressor also requires voltage such as up to 250 – 400V, this energy is given from the lithium-ion battery pack installed in the car. After the compressor, the entire process is the same as the rest of the car.

When the compressor works, it compresses the existing gas with great pressure. With the help of radiators, the hot air is cooled and the cooling is sent inside the car with the help of air vents in the car. In this entire process, the energy received by the air conditioner is used in a very large amount, When you start the car by turning on the air conditioner, it consumes a lot of battery.

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How Does An Air Conditioner Affect Electric Cars?

Electric cars that run entirely on electrical motors without the help of an engine, due to the air conditioner in these vehicles, there can be many problems on the car. When the air conditioner is turned on in the vehicle, the electric motor in the compressor which requires a lot of energy to run takes energy from the battery itself.

Due to these reasons, the battery is overloaded and the battery condition starts to deteriorate. Therefore, we should always use air conditioners as per our requirements. By running this, the amount of vehicles you get is less and your vehicle can run fewer kilometers.

There is a battery pack of lithium-ion technology used in the car, when these batteries are overloaded, it heats up and also the power loss. If you want to keep your car for a long time, then you should not use high-load items like air conditioners, Hifi Satrio, etc.

Always make sure your car’s air conditioner is serviced during the summer season, such as cooling coils, radiator fans, cabin filters, etc. items are cleaned. If an item is defective, it is repaired. This way you can avoid the load caused by the air conditioner in your car.


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