Do Electric Cars Require Servicing?

Yes, electric cars require service. Many people feel that if there is no engine in an electric car, they understand that there is no service to it, but this is wrong. Electric cars require this type of service.

Electric Motor

Due to the absence of an engine, it has an electric motor that is run with batteries’ help. Parts in an electric motor have to be maintained periodically. It can be used for parts such as Brush, cleaning, etc.

If we take good care of it then it is a good thing for the life of the car. Taking care of the electric motor gives good life and good mileage. Often petrol and diesel engine service cost a lot, but this car does not. This type of service is required after a very long time there. Such as more than 10k kilometers.

Braking System

The brake system is the most important for the car. It is very important to get it serviced from time to time, a mistake of not getting the service done can result in a huge problem.

The same happens in electric cars, electric cars are very fast in speed, they require a very good braking system to stop their speed. Due to having a good braking system, we need to get its service done. The brake oil is changed and cleaned in the service of the braking system.

Cooling System Service

In electric cars also, the requirement of overheating remains. In this, there are parts which require a cooling system such as for car batteries, also for electric motors. In this process, the liquid used in it, called coolant, is used, which is changed during the service.


Suspension is the Part that works to drive the vehicle. Balances the tires of the car. This system protects the car from bad roads and potholes.

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