How Can I Make My Electric Car Battery Last Longer?

If you have owned an electric vehicle, If your electric vehicle battery is low Mileage, you are upset with this, I will tell you how to use the battery for a long., I will share some points with you which will help you.

1 Drive Slowly and Avoid Fast Driving

if you have an electric vehicle you want to survive battery for a long time, please don’t fast driving and drive only at slow speed. this condition will affect the battery’s life cycles and in this condition, the battery will work for a long time. if you drive very fast in-vehicle there are create two problems first is create problems in engine motor and second is battery life cycles.

By driving slowly the battery does not get hot, due to which the battery runs for a long time, the more the battery is hot, the more the battery will deteriorate quickly. Driving slow like this and stay safe. Driving a vehicle at high speed puts a load on the battery, which requires a high current, when the current is high, the battery is quickly down, and doing so repeatedly can cause battery damage.

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2 Do not use an Air Conditioner without the Need

If you are a person who does not turn on the air conditioner of the car without meaning, then it is a very good thing, use the air conditioner only when it is needed, by doing this, your electric vehicle battery will also be fine and for a long time Will go on till.

I am telling you this because the air conditioner in the electric car runs with the battery in the car, which requires a lot of power to run like this.

Doing this repeatedly does not affect the battery. Since vehicles with petrol and diesel have an engine that drives the compressors that are in them, electric vehicles have electronic compressors that operate with the energy of the battery.

3 Do not use any Energy-intensive Accessory in the Vehicle

if you have unnecessary accessories in your car, like a high-power music system, high beam light lamps, tail lights, etc. this type of accessories is not good for your vehicle, this type of accessories is drained your electric vehicle battery very fast, in this condition you have not to use this type of products.

many people are using this type of product after warning but in the end, the result is not very good for the car. in-vehicle please only using the company recommended accessories, this type of company accessories are very good for the vehicle. I hope you will understand about this topic.

4 Do not Charge the battery fully

If you drive your car only in the city, then you should not charge your electric vehicle fully 100 percent, if you do this every day then your vehicle battery does not have a good effect.

The battery pack that this is made from the lithium-ion cell, charging it more full is not good for its life. Many automobile companies tell their customers that you should charge the vehicle only 80 percent daily. By doing this, the battery of your car keeps running for a long time and you do not have any kind of problem.

5 Do not use high ampere charging every time

The supercharger in the company charges the battery very quickly but also spoils the battery quickly, a normal standard charger which is about 10 amperes, charges the vehicle in 10 to 12 hours, on the other hand, the fast charger charges the vehicle from 0 to 80 percent in just 1 hour, in both the chargers There is so much difference.

You should use this type of charger only in an emergency as if you have gone out of the way and your car battery has reduced on the way, you should use it in this situation. In this case, you will be benefited from this type of charger.

There is no need for you to stay for a long time with a standard charger. Superchargers have been installed by the company in many places in all the cities, which you can use during an emergency.


As you have been told in this article if you handle your battery like this, then your vehicle battery will run for a long time and you will not face any kind of problem with the this article, we have discussed all topics, I hope you will understand this.

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