Pravaig Electric Car MK1 Price, Specification, Battery, Review 2022

Today We are talking about the Pravaig Extinction MK1 electric car. This is a Bengaluru-based Ev Startup now in India. This car is a beautiful luxury electric car in India. Pravaig is the most popular Ev in India after the Tata Nexon electric car. Pravaig is a Sanskrit word known in English as Speed. This car is beautiful and unique in design. This car is only for leasing, Hire, Taxi, and subscription bases. This is the best solution to control air pollution.

This Vehicle beating all popular electric cars is now on the market. Pravaig comes with a single-engine motor to control the drive units.

Pravaig Car Price 2022

Moreover, the Pravaig Car will be launched at the end of the year 2022. Therefore This EV Car will be available on a Lease basis or Hire Taxis. But the Approximately Price Of This car is INR 25.0 – 35.0 lakh (Expected) in India,

Pravaig MK1 Electric Car Specification

This Vehicle is made in India. A single electric motor is used in this Vehicle, 96KWH; the battery operated in this car is Lithium-Ion Battery; this battery has been manufactured by adding about 5000 Lithium-Ion cells.

Battery Life1000,000 KM
Safety Rating5 Stars
Range in One Charge504 KM (313 Miles)
Charging Time80% Charge in Just 30 Mins
Speed0 – 100 km/hr 4.3 Sec
Air FilterYes, Himalayan Air Quality
ChargingYes, USB C Type & Wireless Charging
Battery Pack96 kWh
Power201 hp
Electric Motor Torque300Nm

The Vehicle runs for about 504 Km on a full charge. The car charges up to about 80 percent (Approx 300 km) in 30 minutes, and the Vehicle has a 1980 Kg Kerb weight and a 145 mm ground clearance. The Vehicle comes with an automatic transmission.

The lights in this car are LED lights which help power consumption to work. As projector lights have been used in headlights, LED tail lamps and LED strips have been used on the Vehicle’s backside. The company claims that if your Vehicle Walks from 200 to 250km Per Day, Then The Battery of this car will last about ten years.

The control switch in the car is designed to be like an aircraft control on the roof. With this button, you can control the car’s air conditioner and heater, parking lights, heat sinks, headlamps, and so on.

Pravaig Electric Car MK1 control switch

The car’s cluster meter is a digital meter mounted at the top of the Vehicle string. With this digital meter, you can see the charging status of the battery of the Vehicle, battery voltage, voltage of cells, factory settings, data, etc. You can control this display with a button near the drive unit.

Pravaig Electric Car MK1 digital meter

To run this car, you need a charger of two types: the charging station is installed by the company, which you can pay for and charge it there, and the other wall charger you can find at home. It can trust, but the company has yet to declare which charger will be available.

The company has said that Pravaig will produce 2500 cars of MK1 every year. At the beginning of 2021, only the demo version of this Vehicle was launched, and this Vehicle shows that this car is going to be very spectacular.

Electric vehicle manufacturing in India has increased rapidly since 2020; most people are starting to get a lot of enthusiasm for electric vehicles. It runs only on electricity; there is no problem filling petrol and diesel.

Electric Car Pravaig Review

This car gives excellent performance during the test drive; most people believe that after the launch, this car will make a difference in the electric vehicle market of India. Apart from the demo version, there will be a lot of changes in the actual Vehicle.

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