What is The Function Of A Battery Management System in Electric Vehicle?

The battery management system (BMS) has a very important function in an electric vehicle, it protects the battery. Without a BMS an electric vehicle does not work at all. It is a type of electronic circuit board that is made of many electronic components such as Transistors, MOSFET, Diodes, Registers. Lithium-ion battery packs are used in these vehicles, such that a large battery pack is added by adding a group of many lithium-ion cells.

The BMS is used for the protection of this battery pack. In the vehicle, the only important safety battery is done, this is the only part that is handled very carefully.

This circuit board is connected with the terminals of the battery, through which the current through goes towards the battery, it controls the circuit. BMS is also used in electric vehicles for charging. When the high voltage going from the charger during charging is current.

It depends only on how much charge or discharge the has to make. If the battery is charged, it automatically disconnects the charger. On the other hand, as the battery runs at less power than its terminal voltage, it does not allow the battery to be discharged anymore, thereby protecting the battery and keeping the battery for a long time.

The amount of current is high when driving faster, and the temperature is higher than this, during this time, this circuit controls the temperature of the battery and communicates to the care system through the computer that the car temperature is high.

The car has to be cooled. It is fitted with a Cells pack. It can also be of different types, such as this circuit is used according to the capacity of the car.

If we do not do this, then the risk of battery damage is high. By not applying such, the battery pack can also burst, which is not a good thing. It is made according to the sales in the BMS pack, with the help of which it is known which cell is working in the Cell pack. By not applying such, the battery deteriorates when high charged or discharged.

While making a good car, most of the companies keep the details very closely that the battery management system should be made good. The components in it are made of high quality and good material, which are made to work for a long time.

In the early stages of electric vehicles, only lead-acid batteries were used. It was a good thing to use this type of battery, but due to the lack of this system, this used to deteriorate quickly. Which used to cost a customer a lot for a new battery. This article shows how this system works in an electric vehicle.

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