How Much Does An Electric Car Service Cost?

Getting service in an electric vehicle(EV) such as an electric car is as essential as a car with an engine. In this type of car, the service cost is meager; automobile company says that the time of service depends on the vehicle’s kilometer that the service is required when the car runs so many kilometers.

Most of the company does the first two EV services for free, like if we talk about Tata Nexon Ev, then the first service is 10k km and the second service is done 20k km free. The service is free, but they are charged for labor, which is very little money.

The customer will have to pay cash for the paid service, which will be decided according to the service amount. The service cushion of an electric vehicle is fixed as such.

Across the world, the era of EVs has started, people are getting anxious about the rising prices of petrol and diesel. If we talk about electric cars, people want to come to this side. But they face another problem: their service cost will increase after taking electric vehicles, but it is not so.

During service in petrol and diesel vehicles, engine oil, oil filter are other types of checkups, and they are replaced with new ones if they are damaged, Which costs a lot. In EVs, only coolants, brake pads, etc., can be replaced, primarily electric motor and air conditioner compressor gas, etc. system is taken care of.

The service of these vehicles is as follows. As time goes by, the demand for these vehicles will increase, and service quality will become better. As new technology will come, it will become a good car and its ability to get service will be reduced, by doing this will get a good car for less cost. Today, if we talk about 2021, the typical price of a petrol car diesel is in the range of 5 thousand to 15 thousand; on the other hand, the cost of an electric car is much less than

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