Do Electric Cars Lose Charge When Park?

Many of my friends asking me, electric vehicles lose charge when parking?.yes, electric vehicles are discharged a little bit of battery when electric cars mainly many types of electric systems are automatic. this system like a clock, GPS system, Engine Control Unit, or many others.

Many times it happens that even the features of the car do not discharge as much battery as the battery of the car discharges itself. The lithium-ion battery pack used in the car is made up of a group of cells, sometimes these cells start discharging the battery pack.

How to stop this discharging

If you want your car to not consume battery during parking, then you have to know these points.

  1. First of all you have to manually turn off all the features of your car which are keeping the battery consumption high.
  2. The car has to be put on power-saving mode so that there is no extra battery waste.
  3. Do not use the air conditioner in the car during parking.
  4. Do not use 4 high-speed chargers, this makes the battery consume more on idli condition.
  5. Do not use any type of lights in a parked car.

If you keep the car standing for a long time, then you can still face this type of problem. The electric car depends entirely on the battery, with the help of which the car can run and all its functions are able to work.

If we tell you with an example that when the corona was a lockdown, then the electric vehicle was parked in house, due to which this car could not run.

Due to this, their battery did not have a good effect due to which the battery starts discharging on its own. If you want to keep your car’s battery durable and good for a long time, then follow the steps mentioned

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