How To Install Electric Car Charger At Home?

I will tell you How to Install Electric Car Charger At Home. Now you do not need to go to a gas station for petrol and diesel for your car. To charger an electric vehicle, you can also get a charger at home. You will know through this article what kind of requirement you will need to get an electric charger.

Through these steps, you can install a wall adapter. Today, in this article, we will talk about the wall charger, which seems to be home. Apart from this, another charger is portable, which you can use even when traveling.

Step.1 Power Source

The most important power is to install the charger of an electric vehicle; it is only through this that the electric car will be charged. If you want to install a charging adapter, you do not have a power source; you first have to take the power source from the grid.

Electricity is the only way to charge your vehicle through a charging adapter. If you have good solar power at home, you can get it installed without any obstruction. It is necessary to have the ability to install it. The charging adapter requires about 120 – 240V AC.

If you do not have a suitable power source, you can also install a solar system that helps you generate power. In which you get AC with the help of an inverter.

Step.2 Wires For The Charger

The charging adapter of electric vehicle chargers the car with too many amperes, an excellent high rating of wires is required for the adapter or more amperes. If you want to install the charger at your home, use all the cables in your house with good high load support.

A weak wire can also cause a short circuit, which can also cause damage to your vehicle. A good cable does not heat up quickly. Because of this, the car can also be rapidly charged. You should install the charger at home only after the installation of good cords.

You should also use a good cord for the charging adapter that does not damage the high current car battery going through the charging adapter in any way. For good output, only wire with good material should be used.

It would help if you used a cable that can use both standard and fast charging. You will not have to have two types of cable. Your work will be done by one cable. Charging never depends on the cable. It depends only on the charger, the cable is used to connect the charger and the car.

Step.3 Good Place

You also need an excellent place to install it because some of the adapters are not weatherproof, so they get spoiled due to watering in bad weather like rain. This does not happen with everyone.

Many chargers are of poor quality. If you have a parking place where you park your car, you must get your charging adapter in the parking room. By doing this, you will find the charger very close to the car. It is also very safe to install in a good place.

Step.4 Charger

You will need a suitable charging adapter to install the vehicle charger. It would help if you bought the charger for the vehicle provided by your company.

The charging adapter supplied by the company is suitable and quality; it charges the car. It also prevents spoilage. You will not have to face any problem with the quality charger. You can use it without any problem.

A charger is the only device on which all work depends. If you take the wrong type of charger, then it is a big mistake for you. Never take a charger from a third-party company. It can damage your vehicle like overcharging problems etc.

Step.5 Installation Engineer

Before doing this work, you need to see whether the person who is installing the charger is a good engineer or not. If you feel that the engineer does not have experience, you should stay away from it.

Get your car charger fitted by an excellent expert engineer. The expression statement works in good quality. There should not be any fault in the installation work; if there is a mistake in the installation, it can also be a short circuit. Is. Which can also affect the charger and car battery. For this, choose an experienced person.

What Charger Do I Need For An Electric Car?

If you do not know what kind of charger you need for your car, we will tell you. First of all, let us tell you that there are two types of electric vehicle chargers.

  1. Standard

  2. Fast

If you use the vehicle daily, which is considered the need to charge the car more, you can use a stander adapter that meets your needs. This charger almost charges your car in 10 – 12 hours.

If you are someone who needs fast charging, then fast charging adapter is required for you. This makes your car 80 percent in about 1 hour. Its speed is much higher than the other.

These types of chargers are there. You can apply them as per your wish. It’s just up to you what you need more. The standard adapter also works on a 120V alternating current that charges the battery at around 15Amp. On the other hand, a fast adapter for fast charging requires 240V AC, which works from high amperes.

This adapter takes power according to its load, which gets power from your grid system. For an example statement, one who drives less must take a standard charger; it keeps the car’s battery for a long time and keeps the battery life cycle.

While doing all this, you have to take great care of it as all these devices work at high voltage. You do not have to touch any wires of the charger. This may also cause a high voltage current.


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