Why It Important To Take Care Of An Ev?

It is very important to take care of an Ev vehicle like it, today I will tell you how to take care of an electric vehicle. four Due to such reasons, we do not take care of our vehicle, then there may be damage.

The first reason is the lithium-ion battery set in the car which is much heavier than the engine, this is the first reason for the increase in the weight of the car. When the weight increases, the car faces a lot of problems such as deterioration of the alignment of the car and tearing of the tires, etc.

you do not want to suffer this problem next time, then the service of the car should be done from time to time. In this service, it is very important to get the pressure of the tire of the vehicle correct.

It is very important to change the brake fluid on time, because electric energy is generated when braking in an EV, with the help of the brake of the car, the car generates a kind of energy from which the battery is charged.

hen this happens repeatedly, there is a problem with the braking system of the car. To improve this, it is very important to check the brake oil of the car. By doing this you will not face any problem and your vehicle will run for a long time.

Electric cars catch speed very quickly and are very fast. A good vehicle like this has a good brake that stops a very high-speed car in just a few seconds. In all these, the new technology of the braking system is used. It is very important to take care of the system so that the brakes are well maintained.

  • Coolant service

Coolant service is very important in an EV, it is a liquid that keeps the system of the car cool. In these vehicles, due to the lack of an engine, it is common for the battery to heat up. When we speed up the vehicle or run a load, then the battery will be hot.

In that hot state, a coolant will be needed to cool the internal system. The coolant should change over time. Coolant maintains the temperature between the battery and does not allow the battery to overheat because the battery is hot then the working capacity of the vehicle will be greatly reduced.

Along with the battery, the coolant also works to keep the electric motor in the car cool. While traveling, a car vehicle goes on for a very long time, due to which a high temperature is created in the electric motor, due to which the motor is heated, this substance is used to cool the heat.

  • Avoid Fast Charging

if you have an EV like an electric car you will charge with a fast-charging with high ampere current this is not good for car battery life. this type of charging decreases the life cycle of your car battery.

Now we talk about battery care, battery is the most important part of EV. The battery is the only part if we do not take care of it, then the vehicle is completely useless. You should never charge 100 percent of your vehicle in full, this affects the life cycle of the lithium-ion battery installed in the vehicle.

we keep doing this, again and again, then its working capacity will be greatly reduced, due to this, the vehicle will give very low mileage and there will be a lot of difference in the performance too.

The more battery life cycles will be shorter, the more the battery will deteriorate, all the car company tells its customer to charge only 80 percent of their EV battery for less use, by doing this, the battery can work for a long time.

These four reasons indicate that it is very important to take care of the EV. By doing this you will never face any type of problem in the EV. you take good care of the vehicle then you will not face any kind of problem.

Many companies install fast-charging stations to charge their car quickly. Which charges the car in about 50 minutes to 1 hour. This is a very good way to charge fast but you cannot always do this, because of this the battery gets damaged quickly. You should charge from the standard charger provided by the company which is of low power.

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