Should You Charge An Electric Car Every Day?

No, you should not charge an electric car every day. Doing so can damage your car’s battery power. If you are such a person who is driving 30 to 50 kilometers every day, then you should not do this. A car runs at around 300KM in full charge, You would charge your car 2 times a week.

While charging always, you should charge the car only about 80 percent. Many automobile companies say that by doing this, the car battery stays for a long time, due to which the car can run more. You should charge at least 20 percent and up to 80 percent.

The battery used in this type of car is a lithium-ion battery, which gives a good discharge. If we charge it repeatedly and use it less then its life cycle will be reduced. This way you should charge as much as you can. More people charge the car every day. Do not do this even when you run less.

A lithium-ion battery has around 500 to 1000 life cycles, this life cycle depends on the battery’s charging capacity. Charging every day is good only when you use 80 percent of the battery power every day. In this way, you can charge your battery daily. One time cycle of charging the vehicle is bad, normal people make such mistakes and are unaware that the battery can be damaged. The most important part of an electric vehicle is the battery.

Whenever you charge your car, always charge with a standard charger, this charger keeps the battery for a very long time. You have to make a schedule of charging, which will know how much and when to charge the battery. This process is the best process that shows when you are charging your battery. This article shows whether you can charge your vehicle battery every day.

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